Prop Dylan has held the position as ambassador for Swedish Boom Bap since the solo debut in 2007.
With over 600 live shows throughout Europe, North — Central America and the Middle East
He has made his presence known in the world wide hip hop community.

Born and raised in the small industrial town of Borlänge he applied the hard working mentality to the music instead of working at the local steel mill. Without knowing anything about the music industry he focused on his craft to be one of the best in his region but has reached the top shelf as one of Europe’s best rappers. Prop focused on the European market instead of the Swedish after noticing how the geographic’s mattered more than the actual music. A wise move since the European scene is a meeting point for international acts.

After touring in Europe for several years with the likes of Talib Kweli, J-Live, MOP to name a few Prop had built a reputation for himself. In 2010 Prop and DJ Premier collaborated on what would become the first single from Prop’s third album.

Prop flew over to NYC in December 2010 and recorded the song Shock & Amaze in Headquarterz Studios.

In 2013 Prop released his third solo album titled ”The Cardinal Sin”.

The album was produced by his long time partner Logophobia and DJ Premier.
Side artists as Talib Kweli, Sabina Ddumba and Dilated Peoples very own Evidence and Rakaa added icing to the album.

Prop Dylan is often described as an artist with a natural flow and skill for meaningful lyrics over soulful productions.
To this day, Prop has managed to release 3 full length albums as an independent artist.

During the past few years Prop has worked on his fourth studio album entitled, To Whom It May Concern.
The album is described to be a locally sourced creation if compared to The Cardinal Sin which was featured by international artists and recorded world wide.

The album features side artists as the North Carolina rapper Supastition, Verb T from the UK group The Four Owlz, Mr Noun from Supersci and Looptroop Rockers very own Promoe. Logophobia is producing the album except for one track produced by DAVR.

TWIMC is a colorful journey in sound through vibrant child hood memories, life missions and of course Prop Dylan showing off his rap skills.

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