KLIM teams up with Prop Dylan for Holdin’ On

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Exclusive collaboration between the in-house member KLIM with Prop Dylan, Cuts by DJ C.S.P. A rework of KLIM’s track ‘Keep Holdin’ On’ that was recently released on the catalog but now laced with rap on it. It’s not often we do work like this but i truly hope you’ll enjoy the vibes right here. A combo that brings you back to the boom-bap flavored sound from NYC which both artists are highly inspired by.

Touring with the likes of DJ Premier, Looptroop Rockers, MOP, Talib Kweli to name a few, have established a good relationship between Prop and above mentioned artists. This has led to further collaborations on various projects. In 2010 Prop and DJ Premier collaborated on what would become the first single from Props third album. Prop flew over to New York in December 2010 and recorded the song, Shock & Amaze in Headqcourterz Studios, Manhattan. Shock & Amaze was voted as the third best DJ Premier song 2011. The collaboration stamped a quality mark in Props carrier. Knowing all too well what album number three represents in any musical artist’s career, all stops were removed for the making of The Cardinal Sin. The album was masterfully produced by both DJ Premier and Logophobia.

Side artists Talib Kweli, Sabina Ddumba and the Dilated Peoples members Evidence and Rakaa adding the icing to what was always going to be the eye opener for this independent artist. Prop Dylan has a natural flow, a skill for both meaningful lyricism and spitting fluidly through top shelf productions.

The song can now be streamed on all platforms!
Press here to get directed: streamlink.to/holdin-on